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Podium Legends NFTs capture the golden era of motorsports, from the ever-present dangers of the 50’s, when titans like Fangio, Moss and Clark fought for glory over money, to the boom years in the 80’s, with racing icons like Senna, Prost, Piquet & Mansell

These were dangerous days, when legends were born

Podium Legends has been created by a team of motorsport professionals who have  worked at the highest levels of the motorsport industry for many years


Our team backgrounds include running famous race circuits, representing governing and accreditation bodies in the motorsport industry, managing motorsport teams, developing young drivers  & running F1 team commercial departments

We are passionate about the potential for the explosive popularity of  NFT ownership to develop as an exciting means of keeping iconic moments in motorsport history alive, dynamic and as relevant as they always have been

As importantly, through the sales of our NFTs we are delighted to be supporting the charitable works undertaken by The National Motor Museum Trust

"The National Motor Museum Trust is dedicated to preserving and promoting motoring history. It has a world famous collection of vehicles and associated motoring items, many of which are on display at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu. The Trust has an educational mission and cares for very large collections of objects, images, documents and books in its Collections Centre."

From the UK Government 'UK Charity Commission For England & Wales' website - 5/3/22


Podium Legends Team:

Nick Roe: Founder/Director

Christopher Tate: Co-Founder/Director

Bill Curtis: Co-Founder/Investor

Nancy Atkinson Turner: PR, Digital & Social Media Manager


Our mission is to become the most trusted NFT resource for motorsport collectors and enthusiasts