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Buying through PayPal and new to digital ownership?

Gifting the authenticated digital version of your print to family or friends? 


  • Your limited edition print(s) will be processed on the same day of your order and will be dispatched to the cardholder address (unless you inform us of a different delivery address) 

  • Additional bonus items will be dispatched on the same day of your print(s) and may arrive separately

  • We expect your Limited Edition print(s) to arrive within 7-10 days of your order  

 receiving the digital version of your print 
3 Quick & Easy Steps:

  • Owning, collecting or selling the digital version of your print requires  owners (or whomever they choose to gift the digital version) to install a free piece of software that acts as your personal digital vault and gallery, commonly called a 'Digital Wallet'

  • If you are gifting the digital version of your print to family or friends they too will need to install a free digital wallet (if they don't have one already)

  • Digital Wallets are very quick, free and easy to install 

  • Once installed you will see the Digital Wallet software icon  beside the address bar on your  web browser

  • We recommend MetaMask as your digital wallet

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 Download & Install Your Digital Wallet

Use the following link to download and install MetaMask:

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 Tell Us The Wallet Address You Want Us to Send the Digital Version

Once you - or the person you want to gift the digital version - have installed the MetaMask Digital Wallet let us know the wallet address on our 'Ownership Benefits' page


Copying the Digital Wallet address is easy - as in the image below simply hover your mouse over the account info and 'Copy To Clipboard' will appear


Paste this address in the Digital Wallet' field on our 'Ownership Benefits' page 

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 We Transfer the Digital Version of Your Print

As soon as you tell us where you want us to send the digital version of your print we will transfer it almost immediately, at no additional cost


Trackable, Traceable, Accountable

Your invoicing and payment is undertaken through our UK registered and incorporated  company