BEaulieu medallion

To celebrate the launch of Podium Legends we will be giving away one of our incredibly rare pure bronze Beaulieu Medallions to  3  lucky winners!


Winners will be picked at random by an independent 3rd party from our subscriber list on April 20th 2022

The Rare 'beaulieu medallion'

original flyer PNG.png
NMM medallion front 2 PNG.png

Medallion Front:

NMM medallion back 2 PNG.png

Medallion Back:

Original Packaging:

NMM medallion in box 2 PNG.png

To celebrate the opening of the National Motor Museum  by His Royal Highness, The Duke Of Kent In 1972 1,000 stunning Limited Edition pure bronze 'Beaulieu Medallions' were commissioned by Beaulieu from the craftsmen of John Pinches (Medallists) Ltd of London 

Podium Legends have been granted a very limited number of these highly collectible and rare medallions for our VIP Owners. We are delighted to reserve three for our lucky winners!

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