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ignore the hype... 

it's all about the technology, its all about a new collectable asset class 

'Digital Originals', 'Digital Collectables' or 'NFTs' need not be any cause for confusion – it is about the technology which securely creates the artwork – but at its core, this method is simply about creating a new collectable asset class 


Here at Podium Legends, we are motorsport and automobilia enthusiasts, carefully creating a new range of collectables – Digital Collectables - so that you can start or build-upon Digital Ownership.


Certain current promotions of Digital Originals, or NFTs,  seem almost designed to confuse – but here, we look at this new asset class very differently.


To us, yes, it is absolutely key that the underlying technology – the blockchain - enables the production and verifiable ownership of authenticated official digital versions of the work of an artist, photographer, film-maker - or any content creator’s – work.

  • For our company’s specific audience - motorsport collectors and enthusiasts – these NFTs represent an exciting new collectable asset class which we have created for both current AND future generations, in recognizing that we live in an ever-increasingly digitized world


The revolutionary benefits of the whole concept of Digital Originals & Digital Collectables (NFTs) to which we are so committed are sometimes in danger of being overshadowed by confusion arising from reports of events in the world of cryptocurrency, or by mentions of the hype surrounding the profusion of cartoon pixel-art NFTs

​For our team at Podium Legends, Digital Collectables and Digital Ownership is not all about cryptocurrency. It’s about helping enthusiasts and collectors to acquire motorsport art, images and more in a new way

And, for the vast majority of our audience (motorsport collectors and enthusiasts) who tend to be from a more mature and established demographic,  cartoon pictures of apes and kittens hold absolutely zero interest 



There is no rule nor law that dictates  purchase and ownership of Digital Collectables (NFTs) must be a cryptocurrency undertaking. For many in our motorsport community the  perceived risk and negative publicity associated with cryptocurrencies is off-putting and can be a significant block to engagement in Digital Collectable ownership


This deep-rooted association with cryptocurrencies and the overhype of cartoon pixel-art NFTs has clouded the underlying benefits and attraction of owning an authenticated Digital Original to the point of obscurity 


 At Podium Legends, we are committed to guide and inform our clients, and the wider motorsport collector community, about the benefits of acquiring Motorsport and Automotive Digital Collectables and engage in Digital Ownership in a safe, risk-free environment

  • We deliver Digital Originals & Collectables (NFTs) with underlying historical provenance and of historical importance


  • Your ownership does not have to rely on using cryptocurrency to make the purchase – click here to see our 'Buying with PayPal' page


  • We provide Digital Collectables/NFTs which offer the shared engagement experience which bridges generations. There is already a substantial community of experienced NFT investors/collectors who only entered this market “because my children told me I should” – click here to see our 'Legacy Initiative'  


  • We want to educate and inform our motorsport community that NFTs are simply a new and secure way of acquiring new collectables   

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