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A Quick Summary of What an NFT is: 

  • NFTs are the authenticated digital versions of an artist, photographer or filmmakers work


  • Authenticity is guaranteed and secured by blockchain technology

  • Due to how NFT artworks are created and authenticated as original they present a new, exciting & appreciable asset class for motorsport enthusiasts and collectors

The Podium Legends team is committed to helping motorsport enthusiasts learn about this fascinating NFT revolution in a relaxed and informal way, without any sales pressure nor commitment to buy our NFTs

Our aim is simple:

  1. Help you combine your love of all things motorsport with a fascinating journey of discovery  into the NFT/crypto world

  2. ​Help you become more informed without spending a dime on anything until you feel comfortable   

We will be running regular informal group chats on both Zoom  and Discord, or even one-on-one chats (time permitting!)

If you would like to join one of our informal group chats or book a call simply fill out the form below and we'll get right back to you with what's coming-up

Book a Chat With The Podium Legends Team: 


Thanks for reqesting a chat with the Podium Legends Team!

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