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RIGHTs, PRIVILIGES & copyright 

Ownership of any Podium Legends NFT provides rights and privileges as follows:


  • Podium Legends NFTs are for personal use and enjoyment only. Owners are entitled and encouraged to display their NFT both publicly and privately in a non-commercial capacity

  • With the exception of reselling your Podium Legends NFT no commercial use, application nor reproduction of the source imagery is permitted without the prior written consent of the Copyright Holder of the original source material. Our Owners are encouraged  to contact the Podium Legends team with any commercial ideas they may have

  • Copyright of the original source materiel on which the NFT was originally minted (photographs etc) remains vested with The National Motor Museum Trust, Beaulieu, England

  • Ownership of a Podium Legends NFT assigns no ownership of the physical item on which they are based (cars, photographs, physical items, photographic transparencies etc), which remain the property of The National Motor Museum Trust, Beaulieu, England

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