Podium Legends, Release First NFT Collection for the UK’s National Motor Museum, Beaulieu.

Updated: Mar 7

We're really excited to make history today by launching our first NFT collection of the famed National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, UK, using the OpenSea platform.

We're mixing heritage with innovation by helping the UK’s National Motor Museum open its archives to the wider, international exposure of offering its archive treasures in the NFT space. We're creating a new kind of collectible asset and leading the way in historic F1, motorsport and classing motoring NFTs. Giving you authentic, original and unique moments in time from motorsport history.

We want to give motorsport and classic car enthusiasts, fans of the exhibits at Beaulieu and the NFT buying community, a rare opportunity to own your own pieces of motorsport history. A portion of the NFT proceeds will go to supporting the museum and preserving motorsports history for future generations!

Collection #1 features digitised versions of rare and historically important photos from the UK’s National Motor Museum’s photographic, art and film archive. Including Bluebird’s 1964 land speed record, Ayrton Senna at the 1985 British GP and the ‘greatest F1 car of all time’ the Mclaren MP4/4. Only 1500 of the most iconic and historically important photographs and movies from the archive of over 1,500,000 items will be released for NFT creation.

Our inaugural collection includes 3 different levels of NFT rarity. Designated as the ‘Legendary’, ‘Icon’ and ‘Collector’, with the Collector level entry price starting at £250. Each NFTs’ level come with a range of unlockable bonus content that you can enjoy online and at home, including a Limited Edition fine-art print, accompanied by its unique, tamper-proof Certificate of Authenticity with a matching tamper-proof hologram seal, signed by both the Head of Curations at Podium Legends and of the National Motor Museum Trust.

For the first time, there is now a secure and innovative way for collectors, enthusiasts and experienced NFT buyers to own their own authentic motorsport digital copy.

Podium Legends Founder, Nicholas Roe

“I’m incredibly excited by the potential for the NFT phenomenon, combined with our relationship with the UKs National Motor Museum, to establish itself as a powerful new medium in taking legendary & iconic moments in motorsport history into the forefront of the digital age

Our NFTs present an entirely new collectible asset class for the motorsport enthusiast and our commitment to use that passion as a vehicle to help guide curious individuals into the exciting new world of crypto and NFTs in a relaxed and enjoyable way is something my team and I are particularly excited about.”

Christopher Tate, Head of Curation

“The National Motor Museum has an incredible collection of motoring and motorsport treasure which deserve a new and wider global audience through NFTs, the new collectors’ media in the digital age.

The team at The National Motor Museum and I have worked together for many years on my father Johnny Tate’s 1950 and ‘60s film archive.

Creating this first drop has been a fascinating journey working with an inspirational tech team and now being the first group to bring such images to market as collectible NFTs.”

Collection #1 is now available on our website www.podiumlegends.com and via OpenSea www.opensea.io/collection/podiumlegends-1 The collection can also be viewed in the meta-verse via Podium Legends Spatial gallery.

Motorsport collectors and enthusiasts who are not users of crypto currencies and want to learn about the whole NFT space can contact Podium Legends via their website to join group chats or even get one-on-one guidance and advice https://www.podiumlegends.com/contact-us

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